Total 9 ways Of Earning in EBS

Earn Be Smart offers very dynamic & everlasting compensation plan to its members. We have created such a strong stream of online earning that no one has tasted it before. EBS is multidimensional hybrid earning & advertising system. Most attractive earning ways of this hybrid system is as below.

Team Work

1.Direct Referrals Bonus

EBS offers very worthwhile earnings to its promoters that no one has offered them before. Every member can enjoy direct & indirect referral bonuses up to 3rd levels. For example; if you refer one member directly, you will earn 15%. If you refer just 4 members directly and they will refer 4 members each and they all will refers 4 new members and so on up to 3rd level, than your 1st level referrals are 4, 2nd level referrals are 16, 3rd level referrals are 64, that makes total of 84, so you can earn up to 3rd level of each new member's joining. As every member has to renew his membership after every three months so you will earn all that earning again and again. The whole earnings up to 3 levels are shown in Table 1.

2.Indirect Referral Bonus

EBS offers you a wonderful earning way of Team Benefit. from 2nd Level 8% and From 3rd Level 3%.

Here is complete Chart of Packages:

Cost of
Earning From
1st Level
Earning From
2nd Level
Earning From
3rd Level


Diamond Professional+IT Courses 15% 8% 3%
$30 Gold Local Courses 15% 8% ------
$20 Silver Local Courses 15% ------ ------
$1 Basic Local Courses 5% ------ ------


Pay for any Package or apply for an advance Package.Advance Package amount will be deducted from your Earned Balance. $5 service chares will apply on Advance package

3.Executive Earning

Earn money Collect Points.


Make 150 Points in your Team 1 Time & Earn 5% of your Total Team Points every Week.

Make 250 Points in your Team 1 Time & Earn 6% of your Total Team Points every Week.

Make 400 Points in your Team 1 Time & Earn 7% of your Total Team Points every Week.

Make 500 Points in your Team 1 Time & Earn 8% of your Total Team Points every Week.

Your points calculated from your referral Earning.


4.EBS Bonus

For Example
You buy Diamond Ads Pack Trio.
You Will Earn $12 after 1st level Completion without any extra Efforts.
You Will Earn $312 after 2nd level Completion without any extra Efforts.
You Will Earn $7812 after 3rd level Completion without any extra Efforts.

Ultimately Every Member Will Earn $7812 Without Any Extra Effort.


Level Total Members Completion Earning
1st 25 1st Level $12
2nd 625 2nd level $312
3rd 15625 3rd level $7812


5.Target Promotions

EBS Gives time to Time Target Promotions. Like Dubai Tour, Smart Phones, Laptop, Digital Camera

6.REPEAT Team Bonus

Your Account is Life Time But $1- $50 is the membership fee of EBS for the period of Three months. Free members can not join. After three months every member has to renew their membership. He can use his available balance or essential balance to renew his membership. just imagine its again and again every 3 month you will earn referral earning again and again. Leaders bonus

Earn Be Smart offering another unique earning of Global Leaders Award. For example; if a member belongs to Norway and he brings referrals from other countries he will be eligible for this award. At the end of every 60 days we will count that which 2 members refers maximum number of referrals in 3 levels other than their own countries, they will be awarded $50 and $25 respectively. However, this will not be applicable in those countries where EBS is already having maximum business.

8.Social Promotional Bonus

Social Media is the key of success for every business. Members promote different plans at facebook etc to make new referrals and earn money. Now here members will do same as before but earn some extra money of doing this. To earn Social Promotional Bonus, every member has to join official page & group of EBS and than he can create his own page or group of EBS with his name in title, after every 60 days we will monitor which pages have maximum likes or which group has maximum members and talking about ratio about EBS. Those two members who have maximum likes, group members & most importantly talking about ratio on their EBS page or group in every 60 days will be awarded $50 & $25 respectively. There are some rules of achieving this bonus; firstly there will be no negative activity about the EBS on that page or group. Secondly there will be three regular posts about EBS per day. Members can posts withdraw screen shots, earning plans etc again and again. Thirdly member’s own profile picture must be logo of EBS. Preference will be given to most active members and who have logo in their profile picture.

Smart Work

9.Motivational Step

Just Share your Referral Link 20 Time Daily on Social Media to receive Daily ($0.50 / $1 / $2 )Smart work Earning.
send your report ( All Social Media URLs where you posted your link) daily in Contact Us area.
>Smart Work Only for new Diamond users.

you can Earn individual without Referring anybody for whole month.

Add Fund From Ego Pay

Add Fund From Perfect Money

Send your Deposit From Perfect Money
To Account: U6927333
Write Package Details in memo.
Send a Snap shoot of your Successful Deposit at:
Your payment will be added to your account within few minutes.



Minimum withdraw amount is $50 with no maximum limit. 10% fee is applicable on each withdraw.