Terms & COnditions


Our terms & conditions are as below. If you are going to be a member of EBS, you agree with and entirely understand our user terms and conditions. All FAQ's are part of our terms & conditions. If you are displeased with any of our plans, any part of our terms and conditions or any part of EBS website, your solitary alleviate is not to use our website in any means. If find any kind of negative activity at members end or violation of our any of terms & conditions or FAQ, we have complete rights of suspend his account permanently without any prior notice or information.

Earning Disclaimer

It is openly declared that EBS is not a guaranteed earning opportunity or any kind of investment opportunity. There are several factors in the market that can put negative influence on the system. One of the major issues is payment processors. In, May 2013, one of payment processor was shut down due to many reasons, so different websites have to leave just because of  losing huge funds in that payment processor. We have hired best IT team and applied well known securities at our system and we are already dealing successfully with many issues, but we cannot suggest anything for the future. The use of the website is at your own risk. You declare that under no conditions shall Earn Be Smart  or its all working staff, website and owners be responsible to you or any third party.

Privacy policy

We are very much familiar with the privacy policy of our members. Not a single piece of information of any member will be shared with any other member or any third parties. We are dealing with best available technology and making sure to keep secret all the important information of our valuable members. Sponsors of every member can only have access of member’s ID only for further promotions etc.

Legal notice

 One person can open only one account. However he can open as many accounts as family members. You also declared that you are not an employ of any of government, agencies or media to collect any of information of the system. We have our rights to go against him legally at anywhere.

Copyright Policy

All the features of this website are the whole property of EBS. All the logos, trademark, graphics, text & images, button icons and softwares are the intellectual property of EBS and protected by the international copyright laws. No one can copy, transmit or modify them without the prior written permission of EBS.

Anti spam policy

EBS has zero tolerance on spam in any of its form like spamming through emails, Blogs, forums; social networks (Face book, Twitter, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Google talk, Msn etc) in any of its kind will be a result of permanently suspended account without any prior notice. If any member is found spamming or abusing EBS at any official social media pages/ blogs etc will also lose his account permanently without a prior notice.

Account cannot be transferred

It is hereby declared that not a single account can be transferred to any other member’s name in any case. Your legal name is required in registration process and it cannot be changed later.

Sponsor cannot be changed

It is also declared we will not change sponsor of any member at any time. During the registration process make sure members are joining under right sponsor.

False representation of website

All members of EBS are assured that they cannot guide others about us that we have not offered. Any kind of false representation, rumors and misconceptions about our website will not be tolerated at any cost.

Modification in terms

EBS have the rights to change terms and conditions and FAQ at any time. Whenever we feel or introduce something new in the system, we will modify or add new terms & conditions or FAQs. So, all the members of EBS are advised to check our FAQs and terms & conditions regularly.

Fake payments

Fake payments in the system will not be tolerated at any cost. Members as well as his sponsors will be informed about the fake payments. Members will be permanently stopped to join us and sponsors will lose their accounts if we find again and again at their end.

No forcing of joining EBS

Every member declares that no one forcing him to join EBS Every member is joining at his own will.

Payment process

Members are responsible of all the payment processors information that they have provide us in the profile area. We are not responsible of any kind of wrong withdraws or transactions due to availability of wrong payment processor information.


We have very attractive advertising packages. But any kind of advertisement will be first checked by our staff and make sure that the advertising links are not among the following categories of wine, HYIP, proxy, betting, drugs, weaponry sales, cruelty, sexually attracting, dating websites or illegitimate downloads. If we find the links like above, we will stop all the advertisement with no further link advertisement or refunds for that user.